Friday, 17 June 2011

May and June Haul

What happened in May and June?? I got a job ... so, I have money!! :D to support my disgusting shopping habits. Do NOT judge me for it, I am simply helping stimulate the economy!!!

I purchased a lot of stuff of of facebook stores (YES YOU CAN BUY STUFF OFF OF FACEBOOK!!) 

I purchased mostly korean skincare!!
So without further ado, let’s survey the damage!

We shall begin with the Tony Moly products!

I purchased the Tomatox Brightening masque

The Appletox honey cream

Both of these products I purchased from a Seller on Facebook called Princess Closet.
Her link will be located… RIGHT HERE!! 

From another facebook seller called Starry Styles link located right... HERE!! 
I bought a Peri Pera set, it contains the 

ILOVE pact

Grand Volume Mascara

Rosemary BB Cream 

Double Shine Eyeshadow in 16

and last but not least Wondergloss lip gloss

At last... the haul is complete... 
reading back on my first post, it's kind of awkward. :S 

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