Saturday, 18 June 2011

Tony Moly Red Appletox review

I was totally sucked into buying this cream because of the super cute Apple packaging. I didn't even bother researching or anything, I just went ahead and bought it from a facebook seller when I saw that it was pretty cheap compared to all the other fb sellers. ( I purchased this product from Princess Closet, I paid 35 dollars total for the Tomatox and the Red Appletox

YESSTYLE Says: A skin-peeling treatment infused with active honey complex and apple acids help reveal youthful and radiant skin. Soft, gel-like formula allows cream to be instantly absorbed by skin, providing needed hydration to banish a dull and lackluster complexion. Whimsical red apple container makes it a delightful addition to your vanity or bathroom shelf. By Tony Moly.


The package needless to say is pretty cute, it doesn't feel cheap, but it doesn't feel expensive either. (I don't really know how "expensive/ luxurious" a plastic apple can get though :P) It's got a protective film to cover the product inside. A small spoon (that looks kinda like a hockey stick :D -- still obsessed with hockey right now! [ not with the rioters >=[ uneducated freaks of vancouver RAOR!!!]) I DESPISE jar packagings for several reasons
1) it's not sanitary
2) Active ingredients just kind of lose their potency due to prolonged exposure to the air and enviroment
3) I HAVE TO DIP MY FINGERS INTO IT... it's just weird lol even if it comes with a spoon I need to clean off the spoon
4 )dust and other impurities gets into it.

yes I understand that 1, 5, and 6 are basically the same thing...but I really really REALLY do not like jar packaging...
however I do have to say that the double lid mechanism does help somewhat...although that lid falls into the product quite a bit :(

The product is a yellowish colour... kinda like apple juice and honey mixed :D. 
the smell??  AMAZING!!!!! the smell is suuuper yummy! it smells like the hello kitty apple perfume by Demeter. (I bought it for my friend during christmas lol... you know who you are ;) my only reader for now!! - she in return bought me a candle...which I still haven't used because I don't own a lighter... FAIL! :D)  If you like the smell of apple candy this is scent will be your new love!! 
Texturewise, :(, but the texture is very similar to the Garnier Fructise Gel Cream ( I tested it at Zellers). It goes on smoothly and it's very cooling and soothing to my skin. It's actually pretty nice for the summer. I'd probably stick this in the fridge later on in the summer just to make it even more cool and fresh feeling! I know that it's been marketted as a cream and lotion, but in my opinion it's more of a gel.
hmm once I put it on it's kind of sticky, but it goes away in about 20 minutes, but I don't really have 20 minutes to wait before I go to bed, so I use this after I shower and I need something to lock in moisture while I go about watching movies, studying, practicing piano/ voice or just shovelling yummy junk food into my mouth ><. I also use this as my moisturizer underneath sunscreen and bb cream/ foundation because it feels light once it's sunk into my skin!

Results: I think it does a pretty good job at moisturizing my very sensitive skin without irritating it (even when I have ezcema!!) so that's a VERY good thing. I think it has made my skin look more healthy, but it can also be a combination of other products as well. I do have to say it makes my vanity look extra cute :D

Would I get this again: probably not for a while, there's so many other products I'd like to test, but I don't regret buying this at all since it smells so yummy and it does do a pretty good job of moisturizing my sin :)

I rate this product... : <3 <3 <3 .5 / <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I RATE THE EASE OF BLOGGER 0/5!!! :[ so hard to useee


  1. Thanks for the review.
    I've bought a bb cream and with it came some samples, but only the name of the appletox cream came in english the rest was in korean.
    Your post help me understand what it does =D

    Thaknk you again ^^

  2. si eres de mexico compra por esta pag bueno hay muchos productos y a buen precio teniendo en cuenta que vienen de asia

  3. Nice review !*-* Would love to read more from you !